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Runescape is back to those who remember

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with Playstation, but seeing the news got me really excited for days gone by.


A month or so ago, Jagex, the creators of the hit MMORPG Runescape, brought out a poll for all the players. The poll was whether players would like to see the old Runescape come back to life. They ended up actually short of their voting goals of 500k and 750k and ended with 450k+ votes. But the awesome, incredibly nice developers at Jagex decided that even though their goals weren’t met, they would be bringing about 40 servers online 100% dedicated to the pre-2007 update to Runescape. This is just a trial run for now and it is free with your Runescape subscription if you are interested.

To be honest I probably won’t end up playing the game again. But the 2007 update to Runescape was the main reason I stopped playing the game in the first place. Hearing the news just makes me remember the sweet bliss of playing this game for the first time, back in 2003 when it still wasn’t very popular yet.

Hearing this news will you end up going back to playing just for the way the game originally was?