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MLG Update: Nadeshot is coming

Last Friday, the world of gaming took a giant step in the right direction. Optic Nadeshot, of Optic Gaming, signed a contract to leave the internet gaming video group, Machinama, to join Red Bull E-Sports team.

Who is Optic Nadeshot? No Scope/Quick Scope Master of Call of Duty, check this out:

Not a whole lot is known about what all is in store for 2013, but you can be sure that Major League Gaming just took a step in the right direction to bring more publicity to the world of E-Sports!



Games to me

This is my first official post. I just wanted to start out by explaining why I am so passionate about video games.

It all started when I was 3 years old. My sister was teaching me how to play “Pong” on the Atari 2600. It was so fun, but I remember being terrible at it. Long story short, I started on the Atari 2600, moved up to the Nintendo Entertainment System playing Super Mario, to playing the PlayStation 1, then the GameCube, and finally to the PlayStation 3. Video games have just always been there for me.

People say that video games are terrible and do nothing but rot your brain. To them, I say nay. I am a personal success story of video games. There was an online PC game I played throughout my middle school years called Runescape. It is a massive world full of players from all over the world. I was an anti-social person, terrible reader and was awful at math; Runescape changed all that. Playing a game with millions of players forces you to talk to people or help them out. The mini-quests in the game had lots of pages of reading to do so that you could complete your quests. I hated reading, but Runescape intrigued me with their incredible world. The game had its own economy, and math was a big part of the game, not to mention buying and selling items based on the rise in costs of the items.

Next there came the FPS (First-Person Shooters). FPS games really made me critically think about every move I made. If you take one corner wrong, there is a guy ready to shoot you. I had to quickly adapt to every situation and think outside the box on how to accomplish my objective.

There are tons of other games that have had a drastic impact on my life, but all the games had one thing in common… you could not die. I have a nonmalignant brain tumor that produces bad hormones and stops the production of good hormones. Because of the brain tumor, I have had constant migraine headaches for the past six going on seven years. Video games provide me with an escape from this pain-filled life, into a beautiful, pain-free world where you can forget about your troubles and live in this fictional world. If you get hurt in a video game, it doesn’t actually hurt you and you can just take a health potion of some kind to heal you.

Video games are beautiful and have changed so much in the last 20 years; here is a video I made a few years ago showing just how far we have come

If you would like to know more about the positive effects of videos games, check out this link