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Call of Duty Championships 2013

COD Champs

Hollywood, the place of legends. This past weekend legends were certainly made at the 2013 Call of Duty Championships. 32 teams entered the arena but one team emerged. 16 team, double elimination.

Among the teams is the amazing, quick-scope group, Optic Gaming. But, to everyone’s surprise, Optic Gaming got knocked out early in the Championship. The final match came down to Fariko and Envyus in a stellar head to head match. With glory, follows gold. Fariko took home $400,000 while Envyus got $200,000. The final eight teams did not go home empty-handed, they were given $25,000.

If you missed any of the action, the Call of Duty profile on is streaming the footage from the tournament at a later date. Keep checking their page.




MLG Update: Nadeshot is coming

Last Friday, the world of gaming took a giant step in the right direction. Optic Nadeshot, of Optic Gaming, signed a contract to leave the internet gaming video group, Machinama, to join Red Bull E-Sports team.

Who is Optic Nadeshot? No Scope/Quick Scope Master of Call of Duty, check this out:

Not a whole lot is known about what all is in store for 2013, but you can be sure that Major League Gaming just took a step in the right direction to bring more publicity to the world of E-Sports!